Pillar 2: Management of environmental risks in lending

ProCredit Bank is committed to financing environmentally friendly and sustainable projects. Therefore, when conducting analyses, the bank has adopted a careful approach and considers environmental protection as well as compliance with health and safety standards.
The ProCredit Bank’s environmental and social risk management system encompasses several components. The loan portfolio is continuously assessed according to environmental criteria. The detailed description of the system is provided here. We make an in-depth analysis of all economic activities which potentially involve environmental risks and reject loan applications from enterprises engaged in activities which are deemed environmentally hazardous and appear on the ProCredit Bank exclusion list. Paying attention to environmental and social aspects in the process of approving loans, ProCredit Bank, thereby, raises the level of environmental and social consciousness among its customers.
An additional effort has been put into training the bank’s employees to be better equipped and more able to assess the environmental and social impact of clients’ activities. They regularly receive specialised training, enabling them to make consistent, in-depth analyses of all economic activities which potentially involve environmental risks.