Pillar 3: Green finance

ProCredit Bank aims to promote economic development that is as environmentally sustainable as possible. In 2013, we launched EcoCredit for business clients –one of the first banks in Moldova to provide “green” loans to small and medium enterprises for the following purposes:

  • Energy efficiency investments – use less energy or resources to achieve the same or an increased level of output, where required energy savings are at least 20%.
  • Renewable energy investments – harness natural resources that are inexhaustible within human time scales or that are replenished much more quickly than they are depleted.
  • Environmentally friendly investments – have a direct positive effect on the environment, even though there may not always be measurable energy savings or reductions in greenhouse gas emissions (e.g. organic agriculture, water and soil protection etc.) 
To facilitate a deeper understanding of the purposes mentioned above, a set of guidelines describing eligible measures has been prepared. These standards reflect the criteria that an investment must meet in order to qualify as an energy-efficient measure. The methodology for identifying energy efficient investments is described here.The aim of the guidelines is to help staff in presenting, identifying and promoting investments in energy efficiency, renewable energy and environmentally friendly measures to the bank’s business clients, that contributes to raising the level of environmental awareness among business owners.