ProCredit Bank

ProCredit Bank

Credit line with reducing balance


“During the high season it is very important for me to have free access to loan funds, to use and to repay amounts when necessary, without having to withdraw the money from my account turnover in order to make repayments.”


Taking into account the seasonal nature of your business and the continuous need for working capital, we have launched a credit line at very advantageous terms that ensures quick access to funds and allows you to optimise expenses connected with interest payments.






How does the credit line work

  • We analyse your business.
  • We approve a maximum limit, within which you can:

- use to purchase goods, raw materials, etc. any time you want

- repay any amount whenever you want

  •  We conduct a financial analysis only once, and anytime you need a certain amount you can use it, during all the period of credit line term or validity:  

- without additional fees
- without repeated financial analysis
- without submitting additional documents


To see the conditions for loans you can access Information Disclosure

Documents required


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