ProCredit Bank

ProCredit Bank

Special offer for companies that export

ProCredit Bank offers special services for companies that export and that want to develop their business. This offer is designed to ensure the continuous funding of your business.

Overdraft in EUR and USD 



  • Amount: depends on your average monthly turnover in foreign for the last 12 months
  • Term: up to 12 months


  • Attractive interest rates
  • Minimal documentation requirements
  • Fast approval process
  • Flexible collateral requirements:

- Up to EUR 20,000 without collateral

- Up to EUR 150, 000 – accounts receivable can be accepted as a pledge

- Collateral guarantees from ODIMM can be submitted to access up to 50% of the overdraft amount

  • Your account is automatically credited when funds are paid in, thus reducing the used overdraft amount
  • Additional income from interest on the positive balance of your current account


We also offer favourable conditions for documentary business and a special rate for cash withdrawals of 0.5% of the withdrawn amount.

If you are interested in our special offer, or you require additional information, please visit your nearest ProCredit Bank branch or speak with one of our Business Client Advisers.


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