ProCredit Bank

ProCredit Bank

Information Disclosure

0800 000 10 Contact Centre

+373 22 27 07 07 for international calls



Activities of succursals and agencies

The succursals and agencies of ProCredit Bank perform technical operations involving the storage of information and data processing, and operations relating to the banking services and activities listed below. Employees of the branches and agencies are not authorised to take autonomous decisions regarding risk management.

  • Cash services
  • Maintaining bank accounts for economic agents, regardless of their legal or organisational form and ownership
  • Receipt of documents from the bank’s clients necessary for executing settlement services by the bank
  • Receipt of funds in the form of sight and term deposits
  • Purchase, sale and conversion of foreign currency in accordance with the bank’s foreign currency policy and the normative acts of the NBM (National Bank of Moldova) which regulate this type of activity
  • Money transfer via different international payment systems
  • Banking advisory services on behalf of the bank
  • Cash withdrawals using bank cards
  • Receipt of documents necessary for loan disbursement, and disbursement of loans in accordance with the decisions of the bank



List of ProCredit Bank succursals and agencies