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ProCredit Bank

"Investments in energy efficiency could contribute significantly to the development of my business. I wonder if my financial partner ProCredit Bank can help me?”


Environmentally-friendly development of small and medium businesses has always been one of the bank’s major objectives. EcoCredit is a new financial offer from ProCredit Bank, designed to increase our clients’ competitive performance, as well as to weaken their dependence on traditional, expensive energy resources. Our aim is to maximize positive impact on environment, by means of financing ecological business projects.



  • Reducing and streamlining of your business expenses
  • More efficient energy usage
  • Increase of productivity
  • Increase of competitive performance
  • Better loan terms

Conditions of EcoCredit:

Amount: starting at MDL 100 000 / USD 7 000 or EUR equivalent

Currency: MDL, USD, EUR

Term: up to 12 years

Flexible approach to collateral:

 - up to MDL 150 000 (collateral is not mandatory)

 - up to MDL 1 800 000 / USD 150 000 (mortgage is not mandatory)

Loan reimbursements: individual reimbursement plan (possible grace period up to 9 months)



What projects can be financed by EcoCredit?


 Energy efficiency                                                                                

Energy efficiency is aimed to save energy resources, increase productivity and competitive performance.



Energy efficiency projects include:

  • Purchase of highly efficient production lines, presses, dry-off ovens, etc. 
  • Installing of highly efficient heating boilers and heaters, biomass boilers, air conditioning
  • systems,  cooling and freezing chambers, centralized ventilation systems, LED lighting systems, etc.
  • Replacement of windows with energy saving windows, insulation of walls, roof and attic floor,  or your office / production facilities
  • Purchase of agricultural equipment and freight or passenger transport
Renewable energy resources

Usage of alternative energy resources allows you to reduce dependence on existent resources due to production of energy. 



Renewable energy projects include:

  • Solar water heating systems
  • Heat pumps and complex solution of geothermal energy usage for cooling and heating
  • Biomass and biogas energy production systems
  • Hydro-electric power-plant
  • Solar panels
  • Wind generators


  Environmentally friendly measures

Environmentally friendly measures contribute to preservation of
existent resources and have a positive impact on ecology.



Proiectele respective includ:

  • Measures for protection of air, water and soil such as air filter,water treatment system, etc.
  • Waste recycling
  • Organic farming
  • Purchase of equipment for water purification
  • Zero-tillage farming (no-till and mini till)