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Eligible projects

What projects can be financed with an EcoCredit?

Energy efficiency projects such as:

  • Purchase of highly efficient production lines, presses, dry-off ovens, etc.
  • Installing highly efficient heating boilers and heaters, biomass boilers, air conditioning systems, cooling and freezing chambers, central ventilation systems, LED lighting systems, etc.
  • Replacement of windows with energy saving windows, insulation of walls, roof and attic space, or your office / production facilities
  • Purchase of agricultural equipment and freight or passenger vehicles
Example of a successfully completed project: replacement of a baking oven 

The goal of  the project

Replace old equipment by a rotary oven with electronic controls and a constant baking temperature in order to optimise production costs 
Loan amount MDL 160,000
  • Monthly energy savings (electricity consumption) of avg. 25.5%
  • Productivity increase of around 7%
  • Better output quality / fewer poor quality batches
Project payback 1,5 years
Renewable energy projects include:
  • Solar water heating systems
  • Heat pumps and complex geothermal systems for cooling and heating
  • Biomass and biogas energy production systems
  • Hydroelectric power plants
  • Solar panels
  • Wind generators
Example of a successfully completed project: installation of solar panels 
The goal of the project
Installation of panels with a total electrical capacity of 30 kW; 
125 polycrystalline silicon modules with 240Wp each
Loan amount MDL 625,000
  • Renewable electricity generation of 44.4 MWh/year
  • Generated electricity worth MDL 85,250/year
  • Increased property value
Project payback 7,3 years
Environmentally friendly investments: :
  • Working capital for production and trading of energy efficient materials and equipment.
  • Industrial air purification systems and water treatment equipment.
  • Ecological transport: vehicles with high emission standards (EURO 5, EURO 6); hybrid cars; electric vehicles
  • High efficiency irrigation systems: drip irrigation system
Example of a successfully completed project: equipment for mini-till and no-till farming 
The goal of  the project
Purchase of resource-saving seeding equipment for mini-till and no-till farming. 
Loan amount MDL 500,000
  • Reduces the fuel consumption by decreasing the number of farming operations.
  • Stops the soil degradation and contributes to its rehabilitation.
  • Increases the yield and the quality of crops.
Think long term and invest in energy efficient measures.
Your business deserves to be more competitive and sustainable!