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ProCredit Bank informs public opinion about increase of share capital


C.B. „ProCredit Bank” S.A. informs public opinion about the increase of share capital, executed by means of additional share issuance. Thus, the bank issued for placement 50 000 common shares with the par value of one share 1 000 MDL. The issued shares were subscribed by shareholders of the bank – ProCredit Holding (Germany) and DOEN Foundation (The Netherlands). The share capital of the bank shall constitute 247 133 000 MDL at the closure of issuance.

As of November 25, 2010 the Supervisory Board of C.B. „ProCredit Bank” S.A. approved the report on results of additional issuance of the bank’s shares and declared additional issuance accomplished.

Funds accumulated as a consequence of additional issuance of shares shall be channelled to increase bank resources, required for ongoing implementation of bank’s development strategy. The bank will continue supporting the growth of the very small, small and medium sized enterprises, which represent the developmental force behind a stable and durable economy, creating in the end new working places for the country’s population.


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CB “ProCredit Bank” S.A. is member of the ProCredit group of banks operating in 21 countries in Eastern Europe, Latin America. It is an international bank which is wholly foreign-owned; its shareholders are ProCredit Holding AG, Germany (81.9244%), KfW, Germany (11.9883%) and DOEN Foundation, The Netherlands (6.0873%).

ProCredit Bank is a sound and reliable financial institution which aims to build long-term working relationships with its clients, based on mutual trust. CB “ProCredit Bank” S.A. positions itself on the financial market as a “neighbourhood bank”, a socially responsible bank which offers a wide range of simple and accessible banking services and products for people living and working in the neighbourhoods in which it operates.

CB “ProCredit Bank” S.A. aims to set new standards in quality of customer service and ethical business practice by offering financial services at fair terms and conditions, thus contributing to people’s growing trust in banks.

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