ProCredit Bank

ProCredit Bank

Loans for fixed assets and working capital


“I would like to increase my output, modernise my equipment, diversify my services and improve quality. How can I achieve all this?”

ProCredit Bank offers you fixed asset loans and working capital loans to help you develop your business. We extend loans to stable businesses which have been operating in Moldova without interruption for at least 6 months in the case of trade, services or manufacturing businesses, or for at least 12 months in the case of agricultural businesses. 







  • small package of documents required
  • fast loan approval
  • no hidden commissions
  • flexible repayment schedules
  • individual approach to collateral
  • possibility of several loans in parallel
  • opportunity to take advantage of business packages offered by ProCredit Bank


To see the conditions for loans you can access Information Disclosure

Documents required


Note: We do not charge additional taxes and fees for drawing up documents, loan maintenance, etc. Fees are payable to state authorities or a notary only in the case of collateral registration.


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