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BC ProCredit Bank SА opens a new outlet in downtown Chisinau

BC ProCredit Bank SA introduced its self-service approach in 2015 and continues to reorganise its branch network in Moldova. By the end of 2016 the bank will have 11 outlets: 8 in Chisinau and 3 in the regions.


In October 2016 BC ProCredit Bank SА will open a new outlet in the heart of the capital at 132 Stefan cel Mare Avenue.

The new outlet will be the first one to completely implement the new approach to customer service, the 24/7 Zone, where customers can carry out all cash transactions at ATMs, thereby giving the bank’s staff more time to focus on providing high-quality personalised advice. The new outlet is equipped according to European standards and will be the first of its kind not only within BC ProCredit Bank SА, but in the entire Moldovan market.


The outlet differs from the bank’s other outlets not only because of the cutting edge ATMs, but also because of its modern design. It has a pleasant atmosphere and was designed to maximise the comfort and security of our clients.


As part of an international group whose member banks share experience, BC ProCredit Bank SА offers its customers unique, state-of-the-art banking technologies. Last year all of the bank’s outlets were equipped with modern ATMs that allow business customers and private clients to execute transactions in national and foreign currency at any time, 7 days a week, without having to wait in line.